““After losing tens of thousands of dollars investing with lead companies all over, I have finally found a company that works for our firm. Thanks, and please keep the leads coming.””

Brad Collins, CA

““Have I told you lately that your leads are awesome? Thanks for keeping our cost per fund low!””

Susan Young, Town and Country Credit

““As of now, your one of our top performing vendors. Out of 18 vendors you and Lending Tree remain at the top of our list for overall conversions.””

Adam Mercado, Aames Home Loans

““After running numbers for last month, you outperformed all of our other lead providers. I am willing to make you our single lead source, but I need a commitment that you can provide us upwards of 250 leads per day in our states. Do you think this is feasible?””

Jason Wang, NY

““Application rates are increasing and we would like more volume. Would it be possible to begin receiving leads on Saturday and Sunday?””

Steve Foigel, Irvine CA

““One of my new loan officers came from a company that had you as their sole lead provider and he mentioned the quality in comparison to what I’ve provided him here from other sources doesn’t even compare to how good yours are. What is your pricing and how do you generate the leads?” ”

J.B., MD

““Thanks so much for the early lead delivery, and for your great customer service. You guys have been a pleasure to work with, and we will be placing a larger order next month.””

Katie Hurse, CA