Question & Answer

Where are your leads coming from?

The majority of our leads are generated from where the potential borrower can complete a loan quote request online. We also receive leads through

  • affiliates
  • search engines
  • banner ads
  • offline ads
  • fixed integration

These leads are then scrubbed against a major information service providers database to ensure accuracy of contact information.

What do your leads cost?


See pricing – Our non-exclusive mortgage leads are delivered to multiple lenders/brokers and are sold on average 2 times depending upon geographic location and/or filters. Filters include loan type, credit rating, property type, loan amount, LTV, and state.


Limited to only a few states, our exclusive leads cost $85 each.

When will I receive my leads?

Leads can be delivered via automatic delivery each morning or you can manually select them through our online cherry picking program.

How many brokers receive the non-exclusive leads?

Our non-exclusive mortgage leads are sold on average 2 times to our brokers. Prime states are likely to experience a higher number of average sells.

How will I receive my leads?

We currently deliver leads in any format that your company requires. Everything from fax to XML, PDF, and so on.

How quickly can I get my leads?

You have complete control over quick you get your leads. Here is how it works:

If signing up online, it takes less than 24 hours for us to activate your account and you will start receiving leads automatically.

If signing up by phone, once your account is funded and have your account verified by an account manager, you can buy your first lead immediately.

When are the leads delivered?

Once your account is activated, you will receive the leads in real time.

What is the minimum order?

There is a $1000 minimum order. We have put this minimum in place because given the nature of mortgage leads and the industry as a whole, anything less than that would not allow you to get a real idea as to how our well leads convert.

Can we buy leads by zip code criteria?

Yes. we allow zip code and area code specific leads to be delivered whereas most leads companies do not.

Can we choose our own leads?

When browsing through our cherry picker program you will be able to choose your own leads. If you are receiving leads from us via standard delivery methods, we will deliver leads that meet your criteria but you will not be able to view them ahead of time.

Do you have a return policy for bogus leads?

All leads claimed to be bogus must be returned within 5 business days via email to AtLeads reserves the right to monitor your returns and change or adjust this policy without notice. All returns are verified by our call center and all call center dispositions are final. Valid return reasons are below:

  • Invalid borrower name
  • Phone numbers provided BOTH dont work
  • Duplicate lead
  • Borrower claims they did not apply
  • Mobile home, raw land, or commercial deal

Is AtLeads a licensed Mortgage Broker?

Yes, although many other lead generation companies do not take this extra step, AtLeads seeks to obtain a Mortgage Broker license in all 50 states. New licenses are being approved weekly. Click Here to see a list of our licenses. Most all states are adopting legal interpretations that classify the act of securing contact information under the definition of mortgage brokering. In recognition of this, AtLeads seeks to receive qualification certificates to conduct business in every state in the USA.